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Welcome to Zee Flora the home of exotic flowers. We are a boutique flower farm located in Yatta 42 Km from Thika, Kenya. The farm has currently 10 hectares of roses in production out of 20 hectares. With the unique geographic location and ideal weather conditions, we produce prime and high-quality roses.

At Zee Flora, we are committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and services. With vast experience in flower farming, we delight ourselves in consistency and high-quality floral options. Our roses are carefully selected for their beauty and charm.           

To enable Zee Flora to achieve its vision of being the fastest growing flower farm in Africa and a leading company in world-class service delivery, the company currently has a workforce of 158 employees and aims at increasing the team as production and demand increase.

We pride ourselves in creating an experience for our clients and some of our exotic roses include Kamala, Supreme, and Lovely Rhodos.



Committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction and will strive to produce products with features that meet their specifications.

Zee Flora is fully committed to the production of premium high-quality horticultural products for export and the local flower market.

We revel in our consistency in producing high-quality roses through keeping up with the latest production techniques, hand-picking new varieties from breeders, testing and developing specific varieties that suit our unique climate zones. We have strict quality control measures and take utmost care in handling our valuable products to ensure our roses meet the high expectations and specifications of our consumers coupled with a long vase life.

Zee Flora is keen on improving the lives of our employees and the community both socially and economically through sustainable projects while producing the framework for a sustainable environment. To accomplish this, we are dedicated to caring for our most important asset: our employees, their families, their health, education, housing, and welfare in general while upholding our core values and principles.

Zee Flora aims at being a top player in the production of horticultural produce both locally and in international markets.

We are set to redefine set market standards and focus on mass production with an agenda of being the epitome of exotic flowers!

Our Core Values

-We are an equal opportunity employer.

-We value our employees and their welfare.

-We produce our products within the framework of sustainable environment.

-We recognize and reward excellence in performance.

-We nature social responsibility to neighboring communities.

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